District Awarded Community Investment Grants

Sonoma County Community Investment Fund Grant Application FY 2019-2020

Local Events, Organizations, District Priorities Grant


Please review the Community Investment Fund Policy prior to completing this application.

The Policy details qualifications and requirements of applicants and can be viewed (http://sonomacounty.ca.gov/CAO/Services/Community-Investment-Program/).

If any of the questions below do not apply to you, enter N/A (Note: entering N/A as a response does not disqualify you from the application process).

General Grant Information

To be completed by applicant

Local Events, Organizations, and District Priorities Grant

* = Required Field

Applicant Information

To be completed by applicant

If your application is accepted and a grant is awarded, the following person will sign the grant contract on your organization's behalf (this person may be different than the person submitting the application).

Event/Project/Program/Organization Information

Events, organizations, and programs must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Enhance the cultural diversity and richness of Sonoma County
  • Provide a benefit to the community, the economy, or the environment
  • Promote Sonoma County and encourage visitors to frequent the County throughout the year

Please answer questions 6 and 7 below for an event/event series/ongoing event (if not applying for grant funding for an event, please enter N/A and skip to question 8).

6b. Does this event draw people who spend the night?
Number of overnight stays generated:
7a. What is the target market for the promotional efforts?

History of Event/Project/Organization

Budget for Event/Project/Program/Organization

Please detail all revenue and expenditures associated with the advertising and promotion of the event/project/program/organization (include only guaranteed funds, i.e. not the Community Investment Funds being requested through this application).

12. Please include a copy of the budget for the event or organization for which funds are requested. (If upcoming budget is not available, include most recent available.)

Submission Information

By submitting this form, I, as a representative of the applicant organization, declare that I have carefully read the Sonoma County Community Investment Fund Policy and agree that, if Community Investment Funds are awarded, applicant organization will contract with the County to furnish the service as specified, in accordance with this grant application attached.

(Please Note: If you wish to retain a copy of this application for your records, please print this application prior to submission.)