CRA- Assessor's Change of Address/ Cambio de domicilio del Asesor

Assessor's Change of Mailing Address Application

Please fill out the following form to change the mailing address for a property under the jurisdiction of the County of Sonoma Assessor's Office.  You will need the Assessor's Parcel Number (APN) or Assessment Number in order to continue. If you do not know the APN, you may look it up by searching Public Assessor Services here: Parcel Number Lookup Tool (opens in a new tab).

Please note: A separate application must be submitted for each parcel number.  If you own multiple parcels, please email your new mailing address to the Assessor at Please include the owner's name, phone number and a list of parcel numbers and the property address for each parcel. Please indicate if one of the parcels is your principal place of residence. Attach a proof of identification, such as a copy of your photo ID or driver’s license, to the email for verification purposes. 

If you have any questions about this form, please contact us by phone at (707) 565-1888 or visit our website.

Thank you.

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Property Address

New Residence Information

Is the property address your principal residence?
¿La dirección de la propiedad es su residencia principal?
Would you like a Homeowner’s Exemption form to be sent to you?

Homeowner's Exemption Form (opens in a new tab)

Le gustaria que la forma de Reclamo Para la Extencion de Impuestos Prediales de los Propietarios de Casas sea enviada a su domicilio?
This property has been:
Esta propiedad a sido:

New Mailing Address

Additional Information and Electronic Signature

Who is filling out this form? To prevent fraudulent property activity, you are required to upload your driver’s license, operating agreement, or other proof of identity to change a mailing address.
¿Quién está completando este formulario? Para hacer un cambio a su direccion de envoio, es requerido que usted suba una copia de su licencia de conducir, acuerdo de operacion, u otra prueba de identidad para prevenir actividad fraudulenta en su propiedad.
By completing this form, I authorize the Assessor to change the mailing address for the specified property for all property tax related matters. I certify that I am the property owner.
By completing this form, I certify that I am authorized to change the mailing address for the specified property for all property tax related matters and, if requested, I will provide proof of authorization.

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